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What are Home Repair Hacks that You Will Wish You New Earlier

It is essential to note that the list of things we need to do around the homes seems endless. For instance, there are holes in the walls to patch, clogged toilets to fix, foundation cracks to repair, broken floor tiles to replace, nail holes to fill and squeaky doors to fix among others. Discussed herein are home repair hacks that you should apply before you call a professional.

One of the hacks is to unclog your toilet with hot water and dish soap. Here you will have to shoot some dish soap into the blocked toilet and pour a pail of hot water. After which you should allow it some time and you will observe it work perfectly. As a result, you will keep the money that you would have paid the plumber to do the work.

Apart from that, you should also say no to fruit flies with apple cider vinegar. There is nothing more irritating like flies which are found everywhere in the kitchen. But you will not have to use fly swatter anymore because we have a much simpler method. In this case, you will add unfiltered apple cider vinegar in some bowl of water, cover the mixture with clear plastic wrapping and poke some holes in it. The flies will be over it, and when they get it they will never come out.

In addition, you should also fill a hole in the window with nail polish. Start by applying one coat and give it some time to dry. Where you will have to repeat the procedure until the glass surface is flush with layers of clear nail polish. Apart from that, you can use it to repair torn window screens. Not only that thick layer of clear nail polish on torn are can also help in keeping off the bug.

Apart from that, you should also stop rust in your toolbox with chalk. It is essential to note that blackboard chalk is material that traps dampness and sucks the moisture. Therefore, you should put several pieces of chalk all over your toolbox, and it will protect it from rust.

Apart from that, let us look at fixing a leaking shower head. If you have a leaking shower, you should not panic because we have the solution. It is essential to note that when your shower is still leaking after tightening it may have a damaged gasket, worn out threads or it may have been fixed without the tape around the threads to close the connection.