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Some of The Most Popular Chemical and Industrial Accidents in The Modern Employment Sector and How to Avoid Them
It is almost impossible to believe that about 5147 workers died from a work-related injury in the US in around one year which translates to 3.5 individuals getting fatally injured at work for every 100,000 employees. The number is significantly high and something needs not just to be done but to be done fast which makes awareness the best and most effective step. Discussed below are some of the common accidents that take place on a daily basis and what should be done to eliminate them .

Slips and falls had to be top of this list because other than about one-third of all the accidents that occur at work today, they are also among the most common causes of employee compensation claims as well. Falling is not something to assume at work at may lead to injury of not just the body but also the brain whose results include sprains, cuts, breakage of bones and pulling of muscles all of which may cost the company dearly in the end. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that water and oil spillages are never left on the floor while at the same time ensuring that everyone is aware and cautious of loose mats, cables and wires as well to minimize any chances of people tripping and falling. Lighting the premises adequately, walking carefully and getting rid of any clutter can also help to prevent slips and falls as well.

Carbon monoxide emissions and leakages are also popular causes of disasters at most workplaces today and the case is even worsened by the fact that the gas has no distinct color or smell. Some of the common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include vomiting, nausea, confusion, and weakness in addition to dizziness while the emissions and leakages can result from gas-powered generators, coal-powered plants, fuel furnaces, forklifts, kerosene heaters, and gas water heaters among many others. One of the best things that employers can do to reduce carbon monoxide poisoning cases in the company is to ensure that all the detectors on the premises are working effectively and efficiently all the time. Every employer and business owner must also train their employees on how to practice maximum safety every time they come in contact with burning machinery in addition to putting measures and strategies in place to ensure that the property is properly ventilated especially by investing in the best and most suitable fans as well. In addition to the above accidents, there are also many others which include exposures to ammonia and chlorine as well as fires and explosions, vehicle-related accidents, moving machines and poor lifting of tools and equipment as well as sulfuric acid among many others.

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