The Ultimate Guide to EDC Orlando

Here is a guide that will help you prepare to experience a weekend like no other after the recent announcement that EDC Orlando would be expanding to three days.

Time your arrivals perfectly. You should be there early enough on any of the days. Going by the announcement, EDC Orlando is supposed to be up and running for three straight days and a type of music. Influences each day Find the day with the DJ you want to see the most and get to the venue early to enjoy the Kandi making tents, delicious foods, rides, spectacular drinks and so much more.

Make sure you carry a portable charger or a charging case. A portable charger or a charging case is among the must-haves whenever you are attending an event. The chances of your battery running out of charge before the night comes to an end are very high. You should stay in touch with your friends and family throughout the event for your safety, and a portable charger will ensure that a drained battery doesn’t cut you off. Portable chargers are among the items that are allowed into the festival. You can also check out the other festival essentials that will help you make it through the entire festival.

You should know the means you are going to use to get there. You should be prepared for the high parking rates in Orlando that rise to thirty dollars for a car. If you choose to go for premier parking, you will have dig deeper into your pocket and chunk out fifty dollars. You will be better of if you can find a hotel near the venue because of the walking distance. If this is not possible, you can use the taxi services such as uber and lyft with friends and family due to the heavy traffic to the park.

The well being of your body should be a priority. Staying hydrated is one of the things that should top your list whenever you are attending an even. The EDC will provide free water to the people attending, and this is good sign on how they care about the community. It is apparent that you are going to run out of water in lea than an hour and the rave and buzz of the event will leave you dehydrated. It is better if you bring a hydration pack to the venue since it can last you an entire set and bottled water will only be used as a backup.

Make a point of downloading the EDC Orlando app. It is going to be a great asset when you want to pan out your adventure under the electric skies. You do not want miss out on anything, be it music or attractions, and this is the best way to find everything you need to have fun.