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Dealing with Dementia

Dementia has the terrible effect of making people lose their memories. When you have to care for someone with dementia, it can take its toll on you. Here are several ways you may handle the situation with love and realism.
You need to understand that this condition is more than just memory loss. The memory loss only happens to be one of the conditions. There are cases of dementia that leave no memory loss, like those of people who do not have Alzheimer’s disease. A less known form of dementia, for instance, is frontotemporal dementia. In this, neurons in the front and side of the brain start to die, thereby shrinking the lobes. There shall thus be issued with planning activities, doing chores like cooking, concentrating on something, staying motivated, as well as personality changes. The more the damage, the more the changes. Since it is not a classic dementia presentation, it has been misdiagnosed as schizophrenia, depression, or Parkinson’s disease. Those with Alzheimer’s, on the other hand, are experiencing more than memory loss, considering it is a neurological decline process. They will dials erratic and shocking behavior.
There is no need to argue with them, as that solves nothing. You need to forget the rational reactions one would expect in such situations. Dementia takes away their rationality, which leaves them at their most irrational. They are not interested in hurting you no matter how it looks. They will not take kindly to you trying to correct them. You will only serve to make them feel insulted and belittled.
To deal with whatever may be causing them stress, you need to move beyond what they are saying to how they feel. The times when they say those negative things, it is more than those words you hear. You shall, therefore, handle their distress better by understanding what it is they are feeling about what they are saying.
You need to stick to simple communication. You will not get a rational conversation from them. By going for simple conversations, you will understand each other better. They will begin conversations well, but it won’t last long. You need to stick to simple and direct sentences.
You need to also accept the situation for what it is. There are days when it will be good, and other when it will be terrible. You should present an environment for good days, but not force them to happen. You need to also understand that your help will only go so far. Dementia comes and only gets worse thereafter. It may go on for long, but it only gets worse. You, therefore, will have to arrange for assisted living home or specialized care for them. You will learn about these services on this site.