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Ways on how you can Network Outside the Workplace

We all want to achieve more and more in our careers. This cannot be achieved single-handedly. They say that who you know matters more than what you know. Your career will grow and reach greater heights, provided you can network well outside your workplace. Here are some of the clues on how you can build your career by connecting with people.

Too much talk about yourself is a turn off to your new connections. Listening and learning more from the people you are connecting with, is a very important thing to do. However, listening alone will not be enough if you don’t get involved in the discussions. Seeking for more info about the subject of discussion will show that you have been listening, and you are ready to learn more. You should know that, all the connections should be utilized and made to be friends, instead of always advancing your agenda.

Helping others unconditionally is yet another important thing to consider. If you do that, you may find it very hard to interact with those people. It is not advisable for you to go to people only thinking about how you will benefit from them, not caring about how you can also help them. Instead, you should ask them about their challenges, and offer to help them if you are in a position to do it. When you decide to help those people, you should never expect them to repay you in any way. When you do this, you give these people a reason to trust you, and they will know that they can always count on you. You can easily tell whether a person is needy, or not, just by listening keenly on their speeches during the normal conversations. If you base your relationship with people on giving and not receiving, these people will also help you at some point in life.

Finally, you should never limit yourself because of the kind of position you are holding. Since networking is all about knowing as many people as possible, you should not discriminate anyone in the process. This is due to the fact that, these people will get promotions to higher ranks and you never know when you will need them. You will notice that you will easily connect with low-ranking officials than connecting with senior officials. You should also diversify on the type of events you will be attending to connect with people. You shouldn’t only attend the events that involve people of your profession alone, even though they will also help you connect with more people. You also need to attend community meetings which will ensure that you are able to meet people from different industries. This could not be achieved otherwise.