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Rights and Responsibilities of An Unwed Parent

According to statistics the number of children living without their father has hit 19.7 million. As much as there is the existence of the deadbeat dad’ stereotype, there are those who would love it best if they were with their children and see them grow. There are also dads who find it hard to gain custody of their child buy proving paternity while there are those that are not aware that they have children. One reason to why this is so is because of existing non-compliant mothers. In the event that an individual is struggling to get the custody of his child, then it is important that he knows the following fathers’ rights.

Firstly, in the event that an individual has the suspicion that the child is his, then it is necessary that they establish a paternity. By establishing paternity, then it is proof that an individual is the dad and thus needs to take care of the responsibilities. DNA testing should be conducted for an individual to get proof pf paternity. A point to note about conducting the test is that it could be one’s choice or that it is needed by the court. An important aspect that one needs to be aware of is that even with the rights that they have to the child, they also have responsibilities that they need to uphold.

It would, therefore, be crucial that an individual sign a recognition of percentage. The persons that need to sign the document are a mother and father who have not wedded. A benefit of both parents signing this document is that they do not have to go to court. With this, then a father has the guarantee that his name will appear in the birth certificate of the child and that he has responsibilities that he need to take care of by the virtue of signing the recognition of signature document.

Finally, an undeniable truth about the recognition of percentage document, however, is that it does not mention on the custodial rights of the child. There is hence the need for the mother and father to go for paternity adjudication in court. Among the things that the court will have a ruling on is the medical support, the child support, custody and also the legal name that the child will have. It is advisable for a father to consider hiring a lawyer. It will then cater for, just in case, the mother is not in line with what the court rules. However much the court always provides a lawyer, it is crucial for one to consider getting the best lawyer from an online platform. It is also important for an individual to settle for a lawyer who has a specialty in unmarried fathers’ rights. It is, therefore, important that fathers become fully aware of their existing rights.