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How to Take a Perfect Selfie

In the generation, we are in selfies are being used now and then. In case you doubt it take a look at your twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat and you will witness what am saying. Actually, you will realize that about 1000 selfies are posted after every 10 seconds on Instagram. This tells you that life may not be interesting without selfies. However the quality of a selfie is very important and that’s why before you take that selfie you will try different positions for your selfie. Sometimes you might take time to take a selfie but it ends up in the recycle bin because you realize it’s not worth posting. In this article, we will be looking at some of the factors that you need to put into consideration when you are taking a perfect selfie.

It’s important that you look at the camera when taking a good selfie. When taking a selfie we are tempted to position our eyes to the image that appears on the phone screen. It’s not bad however to look at yourself on the screen when taking a selfie. To make your selfie amazing don’t look at your image on the screen but let your eyes look at the camera. The other things that you should do after looking at the camera to make your selfie attractive is to have a smiling face and move up your eyebrows. You can have a fake smile when taking a selfie.

The second tip for taking a quality selfie is to elongate your neck. In case you are not happy with your neck in the photos that you take then it’s time for a change. Ensure you find a perfect position for taking a selfie before you click the capture button. If you move your camera a bit you will be increasing the chances of getting a perfect reflection of yourself. Also your neck and your shoulders should not be close to each other but separated by lengthening your neck from the shoulders.

Then you should make should move your phone over. If you just put your phone in front of you then you might not like what will come out. Nevertheless when you tilt your phone as you move your body, you will definitely find a perfect selfie. Additionally try different settings of your phone to make sure they will give you the right thing.

Then you should loosen your lips. You know what, I never said to have a duck face. You can choose to make your lips good for a photo by opening them or closing them but always make sure they don’t look terse or tight.

Don’t assume lighting when taking a selfie because it can spoil everything else. A private investigator can help you to find a lost phone in case its goes missing.