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Office Life Hacks That will Skyrocket Productivity

With the number of people working in an office growing day by day, adapting to the high speed working environment can be quite the challenge for some office workers. Distractions are just around the corner and with an abundance of responsibilities, comes heavier workloads that affect one’s productivity.

Learning ways on how to effectively manage these larger workloads is your go to plan and will be the ultimate factor in deciding whether you are moving up or out looking for a new job. Here, we’ll be exploring office hacks that will surely help boost your productivity.

Start The Morning By Writing Down Key Tasks

Mornings are where a lot of people fall behind. On top of that, one out of five Americans arrive late once a week minimum according to statistics. You would want to list down the most important objectives or tasks that you need to accomplish within the day every morning. It gives you a bird’s eye view of what you are going to accomplish that day.

Schedule Email Checking Times

The key to a productive day is organization. Not organizing your day beforehand can run you the big risk of being distracted. Email is one of the biggest workplace distraction. Emails carry in a huge amount of information, from the most important to the utterly useless. To eliminate to risk of losing productivity and becoming too distracted, it is highly advised to set specific times of the day to spend on checking emails.

Make Use Of The Two Minute Rule

Incorporating the two minute rule into your work ethic is a good way of finishing easy tasks without ruining your flow. The rule says that if the task at hand can be finished in under two minutes or less then you go and do it immediately. This will prevent those small errands from piling up and ruin the flow of a bigger projects.

Listen To Some Good Tunes

To help you in drowning out office noise, play some music to get you into the rhythm, relax, and overall help you run the day. Putting up a good playlist when working will help you stay focused on your work and can even brighten up those working days where you fill a bit blue.

Make Some Templates

Office life can be monotonous and drab, you tend to be doing some tasks over and over again just under a different name. A way to break this monotony is by making templates for tasks with repetitive nature, this will save you the hassle of doing these tasks again and again each day.

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