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Signs That Divorce Is The Way To Go

Nobody goes into a relationship planning for a divorce. When we go into a relationship and proceed to marriage, we desire to make our vows last a lifetime. But we never know what the future could hold and what road bumps end up destroying what was meant to last forever. Statistics show that a whopping number of 40 to 50 percent of marriages actually end in divorce. What statistics do not reveal, are the circumstances that created that number. In this article, you will learn precisely those reasons and red flags, so read more here.

Being Emotionally Distant
Fighting too much and too frequently is the cause of concern in many relationships. But more worrying than constant quarreling is the absence of a quarrel of the very least. A couple that sill argues still cares, while a couple that is apathetic has no interest anymore in salvaging the relationship. If you believe that this is you, read more here.

Abuse In All Its Forms
Abuse looks different for different people and could be any of the following: physical, verbal, emotional, mental, and sexual. If your partner starts to exhibit abusive behavior, confront them about it, not make excuses for the person. If you fear the consequence of confronting an abusive spouse or feel like escaping the marriage is an impossible option, then contact someone who can help and start your healing process and read more here.

Depending on your values and who you ask, discovering that your spouse is having an affair does not mean you must cut ties immediately. If the unfaithful spouse admits to the mistake and is sincere about cutting it off and going through marriage counseling and therapy with you, then there is a possibility you can get through it together. But don’t you ever forget that you are not obligated to go through that kind of pain for the sake of your children, as you too deserve to be completely loved and valued. For more about matters of infidelity, read more here.

Problems With Addiction
If your partner has addictive tendencies, it does not necessarily mean you have to get a divorce now. But if you have been trying to help them seek treatment yet they have no desire of getting better, that could be a sign that divorce is one of your options. To get the help that you and your partner need, read more here.

We have named above a few of the various warning signs in a marriage that could possibly lead to divorce. If you relate to one or more of those mentioned above, don’t rush into a decision just yet nor feel obligated to make the decision for the both of you.