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Fun Activities to Do When You Visit West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is one of the best travel vacations you can choose. The West Palm Beach is one of the famous extraordinary beaches. The first class restaurant, unique shops in the city, cultural events and entertainment are some of the fun activities that you will enjoy when you have a vacation to the West Palm Beach. Therefore, you may be wondering the things you need to plan for when you visit West Palm Beach. You will also consider what you will include in the itinerary when you visit the West Palm Beach. You will need to keep reading this article, to learn more of the vacation sites you can visit when you go to West Palm Beach.

When one visits the West Palm Beach, they should not leave out the Norton Museum of Art. It is at the heart of the city where the Norton Museum of Art is located. The Norton Museum of Art id a good attraction site, as it houses paintings and sculptures that were dated back in the 19th and 20th century. You will also get to enjoy quality live music performance, and restaurants, when you visit the Art After Dark. You can just take a limousine for the transport services.

The Palm Beach Zoo is also another tourist attraction site you should consider when you visit Florida. The Palm Beach Zoo is home to many creatures that you can enjoy seeing. The zoo is home to many of the native creatures like the alligators, crocodile as well as the red foxes. More than 700 different types of creatures live in the 23 acres zoo. The koala and the wallaby area and tiger exhibit are some of the other attraction activities you will enjoy at the zoo. When you have the vacation with kids, they will enjoy the Safari Train, as well as the interactive play fountain, Wild Things Show and the Wings Over Water Show.

Not forgetting, you need to visit the Panther Ridge Conservation Center. In as much as you are still in West Palm Beach, you will get to have a feel of the African safaris. At the Panther Ridge Conservation Center, there are many panthers that are wondering freely in their fenced areas, that has a representation of their natural habitat. Besides the black panther, you will also get to see mountain lions, jaguars, cheaters, and other smaller cats. Also, you can be lucky to see Judy Berens.