When influencers cheat brands

Now it is very common that companies resort to this mode of advertising, so they must be aware of the false profiles since many companies have fallen into them.
For example, if a recognized fashion brand or fitness blog like I Bleed Dodger Blue thinks of influencers for its next advertising campaign, it gives the profile it is looking for, an attractive and natural girl, without becoming a model and observes that in the photographs that hang in their networks it shows that you dress well and who knows how to pose. If you look that apart from all this has 100,000 followers, a very juicy figure for brands would think that it is a perfect choice but .. What if everything were a lie?

One practice, that of buying followers, who carry out hundreds of profiles that end up being hired by many brands to advertise. With a quick search on Google, you can buy followers, which are more expensive depending for example on whether they are Spanish and cheaper if they are Russian or Iranian.

There is no type of regulation on a sector that moves more than 9 million euros a year in our country, denounce from the agency, which affects: And what is more serious, many of the brands or agencies do not investigate the influencers in those who invest.

However, despite the proliferation of this type of fraud is a marketing that works. 72% of Generation Z affirms that influencers have an important impact on their purchasing decisions. Also, according to the Launch Metrics Influencers Marketing report, based on surveys of 600 marketing and communication professionals from brands and agencies, 62% had launched campaigns with influencers in 2016.

So, how to make the campaign succeed and not fall on deaf ears?

Extract samples from your followers, collect data such as gender, age or location, analyze the quality of them -and whether or not there are bots-, and, finally, determine the affinity to the brand of the audience that follows the influencer. An analysis work that allows you to personalize advertising to the maximum, as you would never get in other media such as television. Social networks and all the information they offer their users, the key.