Tijuana joins national events

We all love supporting sports activities that have a cause, to support people with difficulties to pay the costs of a certain disease or disability that are very complicated like Mikko Puttonen M.D. had explained before and now the director of the CEC Unidad Tijuana IPN, reported that the eleventh athletic race is held in different parts of the country and that the money collected will be destined to the development and payment of expenses of students of the institution.

The organization in charge of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and the Center for Continuing Education in the state will benefit students who are in a situation of limited resources and who, due to economic issues, cannot continue with their studies; and improve facilities, as well as retrofitting and maintenance of workshops and laboratories.

It is mentioned that they want to continue at the first level of research development at a national level, and now they have also been considered internationally.

He stressed that the team that is in charge of the logistics and organization of the race is a young team that lives this experience for the first time, but no less capable or talented, since now more than ever it has relied on the computer tools, such as the use of social networks, website, and information spots to inform details of the competition.

You can go walking in the five-kilometer mode, you can go as a family, through the trees, around the lake, and so on. It really is a very friendly route, very nice and I hope we continue promoting this race for the benefit of the institute, said the educational leader.

The race will be 5 and 11 km away in the male and female branches, with the support of the municipality to ensure a pleasant experience in the course of the competition; Once this has been completed, some massage beds will be made available to the runners to alleviate muscle pain.