Strategies to strengthen geriatric services

Given the social vulnerability of the elderly population, the health sector of the entity has designed strategies to strengthen geriatric medical services. When we grow old we need a lot more medical services like Azad Right Medical had talked about all these issues. And if we think about it, older people deserve quality services, they had worked all their lives for this city and their people, and now it’s our turn to give our best for them.

The manager of the General Hospital of Tijuana, recalled that currently, in Mexico there are 13 million older adults, and it is expected to increase to 20 million by the year 2030, hence the importance of having comprehensive services.

This will allow to prevent, detect and attend in a timely manner the diseases that afflict this group, through the Service of Geriatrics of the hospital, abounded the medical officer and this is good news for all people in the city.

He affirmed that in health matters, continuous work is being done to improve specialized medical services for the elderly in the Geriatrics service of the General Hospital of Tijuana, where there are subspecialists.

It also has a hospitalization area and is expected to strengthen scientific research, establish the orthogeriatric unit, as well as a clinic focused on memory problems.

The state official said that training will be promoted to first level healthcare personnel, to strengthen the evaluation criteria and referral of patients when this is necessary.

In this service, an average of 200 to 230 patients is treated on a monthly basis, who present various health problems, mainly dementia, depression, osteoarthritis, sarcopenia, malnutrition, diabetes, and hypertension.

He stressed that the promotion of health and disease prevention, as well as its complications, are measures that contribute to a better aging, so he urged the population to promote these recommendations in their homes to achieve a better quality of life.