Research products that will fight breast cancer

A natural product that fights breast cancer is what seeks to create a research group of scientists from the Costa Rican Technological Institute in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company.

The product will be composed of the plant Phyllantus acuminatus, popularly known as chilillo, which has properties to treat cancer and many other diseases like Exquisite Medical says.

For three years, scientists have reproduced that plant in laboratories in vitro.

The scientists tested the effect of plant compounds on cancer cells and the first results were positive.

The compounds of the chilillo plant are killing breast cancer cells, an expert in plant biotechnology that leads the investigation.

The research has three stages: validation with cancer cells, test in mice and clinical tests.

After getting approval in trials with cancer cells, the next step of the scientists will be tested with mice, which will be made in the coming weeks at the University of Larkin, in the United States.

Once TEC scientists successfully complete the investigation, Lisa would market the product.

Currently, there is also a project to detect breast cancer through a saliva test, it is in validation and it is expected that it could be launched within the framework of the international day of breast cancer.

In the work team between the scientists of Mexico and the United States is composed of about 20 people, eight of them are from the Mexican side and 12 from the American side.

Currently, scientists from both countries have worked with about 400 patients, the FDA in the United States is requesting a sample of 500 patients to validate the test, so the specialist explained that it is about to achieve the goal.

The tests in patients require three parameters of impact, to be endorsed these are sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility, in all these ranges, according to the specialist of the University of Texas, the numbers are above 80% of effectiveness in the test of saliva.

Therefore, the working groups predict that there will be success, in addition to the fact that mammograms, which are the current screening method, are costly for the population and represent a risk for young women, which can not be applied every two years because it can induce cancer because of the strong radiation it receives in your body.

Finally, the specialist assured that the plan is in which the university company will be created, that gives benefit to the two institutions, although it is known that they will face a commercial group that does not want to lose the expensive mammography market, however they are dialoguing so that there is no economic conflict on that issue, because the research is in favor of the health of the people.