Report more than eight thousand cases of AIDS

It seems that when there is the talk of AIDS in medical news portals like Mitostem Medical Blog there is not much good news and now the Binational Committee on HIV / AIDS and ITS San Diego-Tijuana reported 8,318 cases of this disease in Baja California, of which 6 thousand 725 They are men and 1,593 women.

The Coordinator of Prevention, Rapid HIV Testing, and Advocacy, North Region of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF Mexico), said that two thousand 546 cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) were also notified, of which 1,776 are men and 770 women.

He said that the binational committee and organizations, public agencies and the State Human Rights Commission of Baja California applied in 2017 free of charge and confidential 8 thousand 540 rapid tests for detection of antibodies against HIV.

He added that 101 people with reactive results were detected, of which 82 could be linked to medical care; “141 thousand 142 male condoms were delivered, as well as 38 thousand 621 envelopes of water-based lubricant,” he said.

He indicated that more than 15 thousand 100 people were benefited with talks, workshops and prevention workshops on HIV, a strategy that allows reaching higher risk groups, where public institutions find barriers.

They know that the best solution at least for now it to continue working in prevention, the mayor says that they will be carried out in the framework of the commemoration of the world aids day, days of application of quick tests in the model of open spaces, in commercial places of Tijuana.

He added that through these days, people will be able to perform the test for HIV antibodies, quickly, confidentially and free of charge, accompanied by counseling and prevention supplies.

The Binational Committee on HIV / AIDS and ITS San Diego-Tijuana are made up of AHF Mexico, Las Memorias Shelter, SER Service Center, Wound Clinic, Baja California State Human Rights Commission and its objective is to improve services in the San Diego and Tijuana region.