Physical and virtual marketing

Traditional or physical marketing is the one that is carried out with the use of mass media, such as the press, radio or television, or with those elements that occupy part of the public thoroughfare and in spaces specially destined for they are used for the promotion in a visible way for the passer-by, it is achieved with the placement of banners, billboards, awnings, signage or with any element that can support an impression.

To achieve good visibility, and passers-by to capture the message of the brand or memorize the product for the promotion, you must have a high quality of printing, something that can only be achieved by the best professionals in graphic arts, such as those we find in this online press that we review here, that offer the quality and guarantee of a great professional company with the best economic printing on the internet.

Campaign tagging

What is not measured can not be improved, said the British physicist and mathematician Lord Kelvin and today could not be more topical in the online world. And it is that without campaign analytics it is impossible to work. Better said: yes you can work, but badly.

When planning an online marketing campaign Communiq Design says that it is as important to define strategies and tactics as to think about how they are going to measure. If we do not measure our actions, how will we know they are working?

Fortunately for those of us who work in the online world and we have to deal with these types of issues on a daily basis, we can resort, as it happens with almost everything, to the Google giant. Its analysis tool Google Analytics makes it easier for us to work since its free version offers a lot of data: sessions, users, geographic information, source, medium, etc.

However, if we want to count the direct visits that come from specific campaigns, we have to tag them so that Analytics can read them and tell us that those sessions are the result of those campaigns. If we do not do it, we will not be able to know this information.