Live videos, the new television

A study conducted by Facebook indicates that users watch live broadcasts three times more than normal videos, and tend to comment ten times more on this type of content. Users argue that if a video is permanently not so much the intention to comment because it will always be there and take it for granted.

Non-intrusive strategies:

We are saturated with information and advertising both online and offline. The invasion of banners, videos and other elements that interrupt us throughout the Internet browsing produce rejection, you can learn more in ZIK WEB.

This has led to two trends: the first, the generation of Inbound Marketing strategies. This is a strategy based on attracting customers with useful, relevant content and adding value to each of the stages of the buyer’s journey. Potential customers find the company through different channels such as blogs, search engines, and social networks. The second is non-intrusive advertising.

Generating content with value for the client is a growing trend that is key to future sales.

Dissemination of content in various formats and platforms:

Until not long ago we published an article on our website and that’s it; now the tendency is to use that content in different ways: a presentation that we upload to LinkedIn, a content for a new video that we upload to YouTube, a story on Instagram, etc.

We must adapt what we want to communicate to each format and platform we have; Do not put the same everywhere.

There are different types depending on the type of platform they use: bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, podcasters, etc.

To talk about it today is not a novelty, but it is still a growing trend and we have to take it into account. According to a recent study, no less than 85% of social network users follow influencers.

In some cases, you will have to pay a fee to the influencer for the publication or mention of your company, product or service on your platform.

The key to this is to try to find the influencers of your sector. They do not necessarily have to be very young. Actually, the influencers that generate more sales are those that are more than 30 years old; since their language and maturity management are more effective.

The personalization of the messages and the immediate attention offered by artificial intelligence will be key in the pre and post-sale communication of products, and not only in the online world but also in the points of sale.