Let’s celebrate the World Day of the nature Cleaning

Yes, if you did not know about it, there is a World Day for the Cleaning of nature and this will be held every year on September 15, and it hopes to achieve the participation of 5 percent of the global population in garbage collection work to raise awareness about the everyone’s responsibility for waste and the importance of respecting nature.

We are informed that so far there are 132 countries registered, however, the goal is to reach 150 to achieve the world’s largest civil action initiative, explained the responsible for Spain and Latin America of the promoter organization of the campaign.

This year’s campaign is the first worldwide after the initiative was launched ten years ago in Estonia and has been replicated in other countries.

And it is really important because when we damage the nature we damage our own bodies, our health is in danger like Route66 West Medical Center Blog had said. For example, in the previous editions, approximately 500,000 tons of garbage have been collected in one hundred countries, which has increased welfare, health status and reduced costs in these places.

The initiative was launched by an Estonian entrepreneur who loves nature, who “tired of the environmentalists’ complaints to the authorities of his country, decided to take action and launched the Association and Foundation ‘Let’s Do It'”.

The action was played and, in 2016, 112 countries joined the campaign.

A global campaign to raise awareness

That year, in view of the success, achieved, the organizers decided to make a worldwide call for the 2018 edition.

The task is to raise awareness about the blindness of garbage, to make people aware that if they do not get dirty they do not have to clean up, something they realize after observing all the garbage that is collected, the promoter of the campaign has assured.

This initiative turned out to be a very good social glue since it managed to bring together organizations, associations, organizations around the collection and cleaning of the environment.