Influence marketing in the pharmaceutical industry

When we talk about influence marketing, we consider looking for people with a leading role in social networks, who also have loyal followers. This makes sense because the main reason consumers buy is through the recommendation of people they trust. It is key at this point that the influencers identify with the collaborating brand, with their tastes or their interests (and at the same time with the consumers).

The strategy of hiring influencers has already begun to be used in the healthcare sector because pharmaceutical laboratories want to get closer to the consumer and have a more emotional connection with it, since they focus on people’s quality of life and not on the quality of life and not the product they want to sell just like the articles of qlditrelief.

A nurse and influencer who upload content to their social networks participating in various initiatives in the sector believe that this new way of interacting can be relevant and very positive for the daily care practice of professionals and also for patients. Finding the perfect influencer is a complicated task for the brand because today’s consumer seeks to identify with someone like him.

Not all influence marketing campaigns are the same. A weight loss supplement company, involved in legal battles for the withdrawal of its products in some establishments, recently hired a number of influencers with the hope of restoring its image and refuting the information against its product that was being poured into the market.

The client wanted a very specific group of stars in social networks: they had to be overweight adult women -preferably 40 years and older- who did not like exercise and with a body mass index higher than 25. They took two weeks more than usual in finding 20 influencers that more or less will adjust to the requirements of the client. Each influencer created two long publications -of a blog- counting his weight loss process to show the effectiveness of the product. Then they shared the posts with their social circle on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

This single campaign from start to finish took about two months, while a typical campaign of influencers for a fashion brand lasts between three and four weeks.