How to do influencers marketing

To include this practice in the marketing plan, it is not necessary to go through all the social networks filtering the profiles one by one. It is so settled because it is easy to go to platforms and companies that offer this type of service. For example, there are platforms where you can find all the necessary information and statistics about YouTube channels with more followers from around the world, you can read more inĀ Bloggers 4 Japan.

Consistency generates trust

It is a fact applicable to personal life and professional life. It’s like having a friend who has always been there, creates trusting relationships. But the role of consistency for brands goes a little beyond trust.

The one denominated in psychology as an illusion of frequency appears when a person detects the appearance more than one of the same pattern, using the brain to repeat the repetitions to form a sequence. That is, the illusion that, once something is known, that something is everywhere. Consumers experience the brand now offline, in social networks, email, display, search results, traditional advertising.

To select influencers and micro-influencers and create campaigns with them, there are companies that make available to their clients a segmented database, ordered by social networks, themes and number of followers, so that the selection is quick according to preferences, objectives set and budget.

Once the selection of the profiles that are to be used to publish the message is made, the platform is in charge of the communication between those chosen and the compilation of links of the publications. The advantages of doing an influencers marketing action are extended. Not only is effectiveness gained in the dissemination of the campaign, time is also gained and costs are saved.

Social networks also offer an extra impact and it is virtualization and organic reach. This means that in addition to the followers of the influencer, each retweet of the message or each time it is shared on Facebook is multiplying its impact.