HIV and school achievement

You can imagine how bad a parent can feel when teachers or school leaders scold them after their child has exceeded the absences due to medical appointments for follow-up on HIV treatment. Unfortunately, these are not isolated cases, you can learn more in:

The first thing that should be confirmed with families is that their children infected with HIV are protected by Human Rights: the right to a life without discrimination, the right as all children to an education and above all the right to confidentiality. No public entity, whether the medical or educational institution, can not disclose the HIV diagnosis of the child or adolescent infected with HIV absolutely to ANYONE, it is only the right of the parents or the adolescent (in his case) to reveal his own diagnosis. The serious consequences of discrimination against children infected with HIV arise later when they reach adolescence in a state of denial and this leads to depression, a dangerous weapon at that age and especially when they are not themselves prepared to face the bullying and discrimination of their peers.

The plan to follow with the case of children when facing this problem in schools was:

1. A meeting with the principal of the child’s school, the parent or guardian.
2. By decision of the parent or guardian to make the request of those who will be present at a second meeting, depending on who was involved in the disclosure of the diagnosis and to conform to the school principal the importance of their support to the family.
3. The meeting with the personnel involved and clarify doubts about HIV.
4. The third meeting with all the teachers in the school to educate and sensitize them about HIV. Here I invite the pediatrician specialized in HIV to reinforce the medical information on HIV and some statistics.

One of the previous cases arose at the time that the parents learned of the diagnosis of another child in another community in Tijuana. They met to obtain signatures from the other parents in an effort to make the request to the principal and to expel the child infected with HIV from the primary school he attended. In this case, after doing the steps mentioned, we made an educational presentation on HIV to the parents and in the end, we were gratefully applauded for the information that they had learned that day.

There are children infected with HIV who have a lot ahead, some are very intelligent and have won scholarships for their good use and some others are athletes who have excelled in several competitions. HIV does not limit her to taking only medication, it does not limit her activities, nor does it limit her daily life. I can say that I am very proud of the work your mother has done, the doctor and especially what you have learned to cope with your life in a very positive way.