Basic thing you need to know of breast ultrasound

If this is your first time you go to this type of consultation, you may feel nervous, but as many medical blogs like North Cornwall Health had talked about this type of ultrasound this will allow you to detect lesions inside the breast to detect health problems in time. It is the kind of test that doctors recommend doing when the patient detects a small lump in the chest. It allows differentiating if this is a cyst or if it is a tumor and, in this case, if it is benign or malignant. In any case, there are some types of cancer that can not be seen with this medical test, so it is necessary to supplement with others. When there are dense breast problems, ultrasounds are also done to analyze the lesions.

Before having a breast ultrasound, you should keep in mind the following considerations.

They will ask you to take off the jewelry that you wear on your chest.

What is the test?
When you arrive at the consultation, they will ask you to take off your shirt and bra. They may give you some type of hospital gown to keep you covered until the test begins.

They will ask you to lie on a stretcher and, in some cases, you will need to raise your arm to make it easier to study the area.

They will put a clear gel directly on the skin, you will notice something cold.

Next, to the stretcher, there will be a machine with a monitor, in which the images will be seen, and a small connected device that will bring you closer to the breast. Through waves, you can see the inside of your chest. The specialist who performs the test will move through the area to analyze this small command to see all the areas of your chest.

Who should have a breast ultrasound?
Due to the prevalence of breast cancer, the main type of cancer that affects women, breast ultrasounds and mammograms are recommended for women over 40 years of age. In any case, your gynecologist will tell you when you should get tested. Therefore, do not hesitate to go to your query to raise all your doubts.