An enclosure to offer employment to people with intellectual disabilities 

Mental illness like Perspectives Healthcare Blog had written it is a very current issue and one that needs a solution, since often people who suffer from it are not given the opportunity to work or be part of projects that help society, that is why to provide a greater support for people with some intellectual disability, the Civil Association Workshop Pro Disabled continues to expand its facilities, with the purpose of having a site where this community can develop a paid job.

The president of the agency, Ángeles Buenrostro said that this association seeks to have the optimal conditions for people with autism, down syndrome or some intellectual disability to produce some products such as piñatas and cookies, to market them and get an economic remuneration.

He indicated that the association began its activities in 1999 with three young people, in a small room that was lent to carry out the workshop, however, with the growth of the community they had to look for a bigger place in order to cover optimum the needs of young people.

He explained that currently, they have only built a large part of the fence to delimit the space, however, it is necessary to finish it and build two workshops, an office, a mini theater, as well as a home to house the young people of this community to start to live alone

In that sense, Ángeles Buenrostro said that today they require financial support to finish building the fence but also to reinforce the roof of the enclosure, since there are leaks of water that could be aggravated by the rains.

In this way, adding the support of the entire community, you can help the 22 young people with intellectual disabilities who currently have a decent job within this association.

He added that this Monday, with the support of the agency Cuatro Comunicación, held a convivial where the three wise men brought the traditional thread of kings to this community.