Physical and virtual marketing

Traditional or physical marketing is the one that is carried out with the use of mass media, such as the press, radio or television, or with those elements that occupy part of the public thoroughfare and in spaces specially destined for they are used for the promotion in a visible way for the passer-by, it is achieved with the placement of banners, billboards, awnings, signage or with any element that can support an impression.

To achieve good visibility, and passers-by to capture the message of the brand or memorize the product for the promotion, you must have a high quality of printing, something that can only be achieved by the best professionals in graphic arts, such as those we find in this online press that we review here, that offer the quality and guarantee of a great professional company with the best economic printing on the internet.

Campaign tagging

What is not measured can not be improved, said the British physicist and mathematician Lord Kelvin and today could not be more topical in the online world. And it is that without campaign analytics it is impossible to work. Better said: yes you can work, but badly.

When planning an online marketing campaign Communiq Design says that it is as important to define strategies and tactics as to think about how they are going to measure. If we do not measure our actions, how will we know they are working?

Fortunately for those of us who work in the online world and we have to deal with these types of issues on a daily basis, we can resort, as it happens with almost everything, to the Google giant. Its analysis tool Google Analytics makes it easier for us to work since its free version offers a lot of data: sessions, users, geographic information, source, medium, etc.

However, if we want to count the direct visits that come from specific campaigns, we have to tag them so that Analytics can read them and tell us that those sessions are the result of those campaigns. If we do not do it, we will not be able to know this information.

Virtual marketing, as a complement to the traditional

This new promotion system that has come to complement, never to replace, the traditional one, is the one that is used exclusively within the internet. In this medium, the procedures that are used to be visible and have an impact on the prospective client are substantially different. Here is what is about getting a website, essential for the promotion, to get traffic to your pages of network users interested in the products or services that the company, agency, freelance or freelance offers.

The web is the essential showcase, which in the image of the store or the physical office where people are served and the information is offered, meets in virtual reality, with that same function. And to be visible and obtain greater profits, the showcase must be well designed, attractive and offer interesting products, but also be well positioned (you can learn more about design in DESIGN SMASH). The latter is achieved through SEO techniques with which the best possible results are achieved, to appear in the top positions of the search results offered by the main search engines. If the company is in these first positions, the traffic will be greater and, therefore, increasing sales will be much more feasible.

This work, so that its function is optimal, should be entrusted to an SEO expert like the one we have referenced in the link. This professional will achieve the optimization of the web to achieve that desired positioning in the results of Google and get more traffic to become sales or customers.

As an example of a well-designed website, optimized and prepared to attract customers from a position of privilege in the organic results of the Google search engine, we find a company that does not forget the advertising that should be done in the street, for those who do not drive Internet and they are also potential customers.

A website must speak well of the company and communicate both security and confidence.

How to do influencers marketing

To include this practice in the marketing plan, it is not necessary to go through all the social networks filtering the profiles one by one. It is so settled because it is easy to go to platforms and companies that offer this type of service. For example, there are platforms where you can find all the necessary information and statistics about YouTube channels with more followers from around the world, you can read more in Bloggers 4 Japan.

Consistency generates trust

It is a fact applicable to personal life and professional life. It’s like having a friend who has always been there, creates trusting relationships. But the role of consistency for brands goes a little beyond trust.

The one denominated in psychology as an illusion of frequency appears when a person detects the appearance more than one of the same pattern, using the brain to repeat the repetitions to form a sequence. That is, the illusion that, once something is known, that something is everywhere. Consumers experience the brand now offline, in social networks, email, display, search results, traditional advertising.

To select influencers and micro-influencers and create campaigns with them, there are companies that make available to their clients a segmented database, ordered by social networks, themes and number of followers, so that the selection is quick according to preferences, objectives set and budget.

Once the selection of the profiles that are to be used to publish the message is made, the platform is in charge of the communication between those chosen and the compilation of links of the publications. The advantages of doing an influencers marketing action are extended. Not only is effectiveness gained in the dissemination of the campaign, time is also gained and costs are saved.

Social networks also offer an extra impact and it is virtualization and organic reach. This means that in addition to the followers of the influencer, each retweet of the message or each time it is shared on Facebook is multiplying its impact.

Live videos, the new television

A study conducted by Facebook indicates that users watch live broadcasts three times more than normal videos, and tend to comment ten times more on this type of content. Users argue that if a video is permanently not so much the intention to comment because it will always be there and take it for granted.

Non-intrusive strategies:

We are saturated with information and advertising both online and offline. The invasion of banners, videos and other elements that interrupt us throughout the Internet browsing produce rejection, you can learn more in ZIK WEB.

This has led to two trends: the first, the generation of Inbound Marketing strategies. This is a strategy based on attracting customers with useful, relevant content and adding value to each of the stages of the buyer’s journey. Potential customers find the company through different channels such as blogs, search engines, and social networks. The second is non-intrusive advertising.

Generating content with value for the client is a growing trend that is key to future sales.

Dissemination of content in various formats and platforms:

Until not long ago we published an article on our website and that’s it; now the tendency is to use that content in different ways: a presentation that we upload to LinkedIn, a content for a new video that we upload to YouTube, a story on Instagram, etc.

We must adapt what we want to communicate to each format and platform we have; Do not put the same everywhere.

There are different types depending on the type of platform they use: bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, podcasters, etc.

To talk about it today is not a novelty, but it is still a growing trend and we have to take it into account. According to a recent study, no less than 85% of social network users follow influencers.

In some cases, you will have to pay a fee to the influencer for the publication or mention of your company, product or service on your platform.

The key to this is to try to find the influencers of your sector. They do not necessarily have to be very young. Actually, the influencers that generate more sales are those that are more than 30 years old; since their language and maturity management are more effective.

The personalization of the messages and the immediate attention offered by artificial intelligence will be key in the pre and post-sale communication of products, and not only in the online world but also in the points of sale.

Una idea de negocio de y para emprendedores

Si quieres emprender y ayudar a otros emprendedores al mismo tiempo, abrir tu propio coworking es una de las mejores ideas. Una vez más, es importante ejecutar su espacio de coworking como una pequeña empresa, y eso significa que el marketing es la clave, puedes encontrar mas ideas sobre este tema en DISAVOW BLOG. Puede empezar con hacer correr la voz en cafeterías, periódicos locales y de boca en boca. Los talleres y eventos de alojamiento también son otra excelente manera de establecerse dentro de la comunidad. Y no tema anunciar más allá de la ciudad: cada vez más empresarios que viajan aprovechan los espacios de coworking durante sus viajes, así que anímese y publíquese en foros profesionales. Sólo recuerde mantener su marca en mente.

Las respuestas a estas preguntas dependen en gran medida de su mercado objetivo y sus recursos y objetivos financieros. Es importante volver a estas preguntas a medida que el espacio despega para asegurarse de que continúe cumpliendo con las necesidades de los miembros.

¿Quieres comentarios sobre una nueva idea? ¿Necesita contratar un desarrollador para rediseñar su sitio web? Su valiosa experiencia está a solo unos pasos de distancia. Lo más probable es que alguien en su espacio de coworking pueda ayudarlo o pueda orientarlo en la dirección correcta. Piense en las horas de tiempo que ahorrará con esta configuración; tiempo que puede reinvertir en su negocio en lugar de publicar una descripción del trabajo en un tablero de trabajo en línea o frustrarse tratando de encontrar comentarios relevantes de los usuarios.

No importa cómo elija estructurar el espacio, recuerde que el énfasis siempre debe estar en la comunidad; después de todo, ese es el punto. Esto significa que las decisiones siempre deben tomarse teniendo en cuenta a sus miembros, y nunca debe temer pedir ayuda, ya sea solicitando donaciones para muebles de oficina o preguntando a la cámara de comercio local qué recursos podrían estar disponibles. Al final del día, se necesita una ciudad para construir un espacio de coworking exitoso, y si lo haces bien, los nativos de la ciudad seguirán volviendo.

The wall and the art

On a recent trip to the border, artist Christoph Büchel photographed the prototypes of the wall proposed by President Trump, seen from Tijuana, Mexico.

I am an artist, but not the artist who created this said Büchel. On the contrary, he continued, MAGA encourages the concept that Americans, by choosing Trump, allowed their obsessions to take a form that can be considered an artistic manifestation. It matters little that the prototypes have been designed and built by six private contractors, he said, compared to the fact that, when completed, they will become an involuntary garden sculpture made real thanks to the president and his supporters. Artspace NYC agrees that it is a collective sculpture; the people chose this artist.
Büchel insisted that the petition was not a right to Trump’s distinctive policy that remains on hold. Even if the wall were not built, Büchel said, prototypes must be conserved because they can acquire meaning and change their meaning over time. They could remind people that the idea of building a border wall was once had.

The prototypes are inaccessible from the United States unless an agreement is reached with the Customs and Border Protection Office, so Büchel organizes tours to the place that start in San Diego and cross to Tijuana, from where the sculptures can be seen from a dusty road that surrounds a scrapyard inhabited by starving stray dogs and a few families living in extreme poverty.

Seen from the Mexican side, the juxtaposition of the prototypes that emerge from kilometers away places the implications of the borders in a cruel relief. The design guidelines for the prototypes stipulate that the side seen from the United States is pleasing to the eye, but does not specify anything about the Mexican side. The prototype designed by Texas Sterling Construction, at a cost of $ 470,000, features a pleasant stone facade on the US side and a ruthless concrete wall with barbed wire on the Mexican side.

However, this wall can affect the flora and fauna of the place where pronghorn lives, a kind of deer. From the outset, the mammal changed its survival mode and before the invasion of urban constructions, it flees from the human settlements since the hunting put it in danger. A wall would prevent him from moving to flee from rifle and bullet predators.

A breath of hope
However, there is a law dating back to 2006, when Republican George W. Bush also managed to get a break in the natural area of the border to expand the fence, under the Department of Homeland Security. For now, 37 environmental laws appear to be invalid in 22.5 kilometers near San Diego, California, as well as another 96.5 kilometers in the Rio Grande Valley region of Texas.

When influencers cheat brands

Now it is very common that companies resort to this mode of advertising, so they must be aware of the false profiles since many companies have fallen into them.
For example, if a recognized fashion brand or fitness blog like I Bleed Dodger Blue thinks of influencers for its next advertising campaign, it gives the profile it is looking for, an attractive and natural girl, without becoming a model and observes that in the photographs that hang in their networks it shows that you dress well and who knows how to pose. If you look that apart from all this has 100,000 followers, a very juicy figure for brands would think that it is a perfect choice but .. What if everything were a lie?

One practice, that of buying followers, who carry out hundreds of profiles that end up being hired by many brands to advertise. With a quick search on Google, you can buy followers, which are more expensive depending for example on whether they are Spanish and cheaper if they are Russian or Iranian.

There is no type of regulation on a sector that moves more than 9 million euros a year in our country, denounce from the agency, which affects: And what is more serious, many of the brands or agencies do not investigate the influencers in those who invest.

However, despite the proliferation of this type of fraud is a marketing that works. 72% of Generation Z affirms that influencers have an important impact on their purchasing decisions. Also, according to the Launch Metrics Influencers Marketing report, based on surveys of 600 marketing and communication professionals from brands and agencies, 62% had launched campaigns with influencers in 2016.

So, how to make the campaign succeed and not fall on deaf ears?

Extract samples from your followers, collect data such as gender, age or location, analyze the quality of them -and whether or not there are bots-, and, finally, determine the affinity to the brand of the audience that follows the influencer. An analysis work that allows you to personalize advertising to the maximum, as you would never get in other media such as television. Social networks and all the information they offer their users, the key.

A lot of people doing casting

The number of young people who want to be famous for their singing and dancing talents in Mexico is very high and they do anything to look the best with the help of fitness blogs like

Now 16 years after launching the musical reality, a hotbed of great talent, the return of La Academia is already being prepared, within the framework of the 25 years of TV Azteca.

The producer of La Academia 2018 visited the facilities of TV Azteca Baja California, with the idea of locating the representatives of the state who can be part of this program, likewise said he was surprised at the talent he has found in this casting, where Participants were gathered not only from Tijuana but also from Ensenada, Tecate, Rosarito, Mexicali, as well as from the southern United States.

We are very excited, more than 450 people arrived, in fact, the decision is very complicated, but we are sure that those selected from this casting will play an excellent role within the Academy.

Two filters are those that were taken in this casting, in the facilities of the television station located in the Rio Zone of Tijuana, where the first participants arrived from 6 in the afternoon of the previous day.

This type of reality gives us the opportunity to meet each of the participants, not only by what can be seen in each concert, if not a little further, showing the human side of each, key to the success of this program presented in 2002.

It will be in the month of June when La Academia begins, that this year it will resume the essence of the reality, giving a level of isolation to the participants, and where they will only be able to interact with each other and the robotic cameras, strategically installed inside the house and through the mirror.

Television has evolved and over the years has brought various technological innovations, so that many new features are prepared with reference to the format of the first season.

The production team of the Academy comes from casting in CDMX, and will continue its way through Monterrey, then Guadalajara and ends in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, and it will be after meeting these dates, when they announce the 14 participants that will be part of this season, where New talents of music in Mexico are expected to emerge.

HIV and school achievement

You can imagine how bad a parent can feel when teachers or school leaders scold them after their child has exceeded the absences due to medical appointments for follow-up on HIV treatment. Unfortunately, these are not isolated cases, you can learn more in:

The first thing that should be confirmed with families is that their children infected with HIV are protected by Human Rights: the right to a life without discrimination, the right as all children to an education and above all the right to confidentiality. No public entity, whether the medical or educational institution, can not disclose the HIV diagnosis of the child or adolescent infected with HIV absolutely to ANYONE, it is only the right of the parents or the adolescent (in his case) to reveal his own diagnosis. The serious consequences of discrimination against children infected with HIV arise later when they reach adolescence in a state of denial and this leads to depression, a dangerous weapon at that age and especially when they are not themselves prepared to face the bullying and discrimination of their peers.

The plan to follow with the case of children when facing this problem in schools was:

1. A meeting with the principal of the child’s school, the parent or guardian.
2. By decision of the parent or guardian to make the request of those who will be present at a second meeting, depending on who was involved in the disclosure of the diagnosis and to conform to the school principal the importance of their support to the family.
3. The meeting with the personnel involved and clarify doubts about HIV.
4. The third meeting with all the teachers in the school to educate and sensitize them about HIV. Here I invite the pediatrician specialized in HIV to reinforce the medical information on HIV and some statistics.

One of the previous cases arose at the time that the parents learned of the diagnosis of another child in another community in Tijuana. They met to obtain signatures from the other parents in an effort to make the request to the principal and to expel the child infected with HIV from the primary school he attended. In this case, after doing the steps mentioned, we made an educational presentation on HIV to the parents and in the end, we were gratefully applauded for the information that they had learned that day.

There are children infected with HIV who have a lot ahead, some are very intelligent and have won scholarships for their good use and some others are athletes who have excelled in several competitions. HIV does not limit her to taking only medication, it does not limit her activities, nor does it limit her daily life. I can say that I am very proud of the work your mother has done, the doctor and especially what you have learned to cope with your life in a very positive way.

Is the Rosca de Reyes nutritious?

Eating the Rosca de Reyes is a long-awaited tradition between Mexicans, where they appear to try this bread, although sometimes with guilt over having eaten in excess in the holiday celebrations, without comprehending that it can be very nutritious.

The recipes have changed over time and have been adapted according to tastes and regions, but contain basic ingredients that provide nutrients and health benefits like many nutritionists of RIAD Institute can prove.

In a statement, he explained that the main ingredient of the Rosca de Reyes is wheat flour, which, by the official provision in Mexico, is fortified with iron, folic acid, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, and niacin.

The results show that this measure helps reduce the prevalence of anemia among the Mexican population.

For its part, the fig is rich in fiber and antioxidants and is used in traditional medicine for the treatment of gastric problems, cancer, respiratory diseases, inflammation, hypoglycemia and microbial infections.

In turn, the quince is a fruit from Eastern Europe and the Middle East related to the apple and pear, among its advantages is the ability to stimulate circulation, strengthen the immune system and promote digestive health, is beneficial to intestinal inflammation and ulcerative colitis.

While the egg is a rich source of animal protein, as well as valuable nutrients such as choline, vitamin B7 (biotin), vitamin D, vitamin B12 (folic acid), selenium and omega fatty acids.

Similarly, a scientific study showed that the antioxidants in the egg yolk prevent the macular degeneration that occurs naturally with aging.

Meanwhile, milk and butter are dairy products rich in calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which contribute to dental and skeletal health.

The butter contains in particular vitamins A, E, and K, as well as saturated fats that the body requires for the manufacture of hormones and the proper functioning of the thyroid.

In the case of lemon or orange zest are citrus fruits whose benefits are associated with their high content of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which act as powerful antioxidants; Vitamin C plays an important role in the response of the immune system, collagen synthesis, and healing.

Strategies to strengthen geriatric services

Given the social vulnerability of the elderly population, the health sector of the entity has designed strategies to strengthen geriatric medical services. When we grow old we need a lot more medical services like Azad Right Medical had talked about all these issues. And if we think about it, older people deserve quality services, they had worked all their lives for this city and their people, and now it’s our turn to give our best for them.

The manager of the General Hospital of Tijuana, recalled that currently, in Mexico there are 13 million older adults, and it is expected to increase to 20 million by the year 2030, hence the importance of having comprehensive services.

This will allow to prevent, detect and attend in a timely manner the diseases that afflict this group, through the Service of Geriatrics of the hospital, abounded the medical officer and this is good news for all people in the city.

He affirmed that in health matters, continuous work is being done to improve specialized medical services for the elderly in the Geriatrics service of the General Hospital of Tijuana, where there are subspecialists.

It also has a hospitalization area and is expected to strengthen scientific research, establish the orthogeriatric unit, as well as a clinic focused on memory problems.

The state official said that training will be promoted to first level healthcare personnel, to strengthen the evaluation criteria and referral of patients when this is necessary.

In this service, an average of 200 to 230 patients is treated on a monthly basis, who present various health problems, mainly dementia, depression, osteoarthritis, sarcopenia, malnutrition, diabetes, and hypertension.

He stressed that the promotion of health and disease prevention, as well as its complications, are measures that contribute to a better aging, so he urged the population to promote these recommendations in their homes to achieve a better quality of life.

An enclosure to offer employment to people with intellectual disabilities 

Mental illness like Perspectives Healthcare Blog had written it is a very current issue and one that needs a solution, since often people who suffer from it are not given the opportunity to work or be part of projects that help society, that is why to provide a greater support for people with some intellectual disability, the Civil Association Workshop Pro Disabled continues to expand its facilities, with the purpose of having a site where this community can develop a paid job.

The president of the agency, Ángeles Buenrostro said that this association seeks to have the optimal conditions for people with autism, down syndrome or some intellectual disability to produce some products such as piñatas and cookies, to market them and get an economic remuneration.

He indicated that the association began its activities in 1999 with three young people, in a small room that was lent to carry out the workshop, however, with the growth of the community they had to look for a bigger place in order to cover optimum the needs of young people.

He explained that currently, they have only built a large part of the fence to delimit the space, however, it is necessary to finish it and build two workshops, an office, a mini theater, as well as a home to house the young people of this community to start to live alone

In that sense, Ángeles Buenrostro said that today they require financial support to finish building the fence but also to reinforce the roof of the enclosure, since there are leaks of water that could be aggravated by the rains.

In this way, adding the support of the entire community, you can help the 22 young people with intellectual disabilities who currently have a decent job within this association.

He added that this Monday, with the support of the agency Cuatro Comunicación, held a convivial where the three wise men brought the traditional thread of kings to this community.

Report more than eight thousand cases of AIDS

It seems that when there is the talk of AIDS in medical news portals like Mitostem Medical Blog there is not much good news and now the Binational Committee on HIV / AIDS and ITS San Diego-Tijuana reported 8,318 cases of this disease in Baja California, of which 6 thousand 725 They are men and 1,593 women.

The Coordinator of Prevention, Rapid HIV Testing, and Advocacy, North Region of AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF Mexico), said that two thousand 546 cases of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) were also notified, of which 1,776 are men and 770 women.

He said that the binational committee and organizations, public agencies and the State Human Rights Commission of Baja California applied in 2017 free of charge and confidential 8 thousand 540 rapid tests for detection of antibodies against HIV.

He added that 101 people with reactive results were detected, of which 82 could be linked to medical care; “141 thousand 142 male condoms were delivered, as well as 38 thousand 621 envelopes of water-based lubricant,” he said.

He indicated that more than 15 thousand 100 people were benefited with talks, workshops and prevention workshops on HIV, a strategy that allows reaching higher risk groups, where public institutions find barriers.

They know that the best solution at least for now it to continue working in prevention, the mayor says that they will be carried out in the framework of the commemoration of the world aids day, days of application of quick tests in the model of open spaces, in commercial places of Tijuana.

He added that through these days, people will be able to perform the test for HIV antibodies, quickly, confidentially and free of charge, accompanied by counseling and prevention supplies.

The Binational Committee on HIV / AIDS and ITS San Diego-Tijuana are made up of AHF Mexico, Las Memorias Shelter, SER Service Center, Wound Clinic, Baja California State Human Rights Commission and its objective is to improve services in the San Diego and Tijuana region.

Basic thing you need to know of breast ultrasound

If this is your first time you go to this type of consultation, you may feel nervous, but as many medical blogs like North Cornwall Health had talked about this type of ultrasound this will allow you to detect lesions inside the breast to detect health problems in time. It is the kind of test that doctors recommend doing when the patient detects a small lump in the chest. It allows differentiating if this is a cyst or if it is a tumor and, in this case, if it is benign or malignant. In any case, there are some types of cancer that can not be seen with this medical test, so it is necessary to supplement with others. When there are dense breast problems, ultrasounds are also done to analyze the lesions.

Before having a breast ultrasound, you should keep in mind the following considerations.

They will ask you to take off the jewelry that you wear on your chest.

What is the test?
When you arrive at the consultation, they will ask you to take off your shirt and bra. They may give you some type of hospital gown to keep you covered until the test begins.

They will ask you to lie on a stretcher and, in some cases, you will need to raise your arm to make it easier to study the area.

They will put a clear gel directly on the skin, you will notice something cold.

Next, to the stretcher, there will be a machine with a monitor, in which the images will be seen, and a small connected device that will bring you closer to the breast. Through waves, you can see the inside of your chest. The specialist who performs the test will move through the area to analyze this small command to see all the areas of your chest.

Who should have a breast ultrasound?
Due to the prevalence of breast cancer, the main type of cancer that affects women, breast ultrasounds and mammograms are recommended for women over 40 years of age. In any case, your gynecologist will tell you when you should get tested. Therefore, do not hesitate to go to your query to raise all your doubts.

Tijuana joins national events

We all love supporting sports activities that have a cause, to support people with difficulties to pay the costs of a certain disease or disability that are very complicated like Mikko Puttonen M.D. had explained before and now the director of the CEC Unidad Tijuana IPN, reported that the eleventh athletic race is held in different parts of the country and that the money collected will be destined to the development and payment of expenses of students of the institution.

The organization in charge of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) and the Center for Continuing Education in the state will benefit students who are in a situation of limited resources and who, due to economic issues, cannot continue with their studies; and improve facilities, as well as retrofitting and maintenance of workshops and laboratories.

It is mentioned that they want to continue at the first level of research development at a national level, and now they have also been considered internationally.

He stressed that the team that is in charge of the logistics and organization of the race is a young team that lives this experience for the first time, but no less capable or talented, since now more than ever it has relied on the computer tools, such as the use of social networks, website, and information spots to inform details of the competition.

You can go walking in the five-kilometer mode, you can go as a family, through the trees, around the lake, and so on. It really is a very friendly route, very nice and I hope we continue promoting this race for the benefit of the institute, said the educational leader.

The race will be 5 and 11 km away in the male and female branches, with the support of the municipality to ensure a pleasant experience in the course of the competition; Once this has been completed, some massage beds will be made available to the runners to alleviate muscle pain.

Let’s celebrate the World Day of the nature Cleaning

Yes, if you did not know about it, there is a World Day for the Cleaning of nature and this will be held every year on September 15, and it hopes to achieve the participation of 5 percent of the global population in garbage collection work to raise awareness about the everyone’s responsibility for waste and the importance of respecting nature.

We are informed that so far there are 132 countries registered, however, the goal is to reach 150 to achieve the world’s largest civil action initiative, explained the responsible for Spain and Latin America of the promoter organization of the campaign.

This year’s campaign is the first worldwide after the initiative was launched ten years ago in Estonia and has been replicated in other countries.

And it is really important because when we damage the nature we damage our own bodies, our health is in danger like Route66 West Medical Center Blog had said. For example, in the previous editions, approximately 500,000 tons of garbage have been collected in one hundred countries, which has increased welfare, health status and reduced costs in these places.

The initiative was launched by an Estonian entrepreneur who loves nature, who “tired of the environmentalists’ complaints to the authorities of his country, decided to take action and launched the Association and Foundation ‘Let’s Do It'”.

The action was played and, in 2016, 112 countries joined the campaign.

A global campaign to raise awareness

That year, in view of the success, achieved, the organizers decided to make a worldwide call for the 2018 edition.

The task is to raise awareness about the blindness of garbage, to make people aware that if they do not get dirty they do not have to clean up, something they realize after observing all the garbage that is collected, the promoter of the campaign has assured.

This initiative turned out to be a very good social glue since it managed to bring together organizations, associations, organizations around the collection and cleaning of the environment.

Hormonal preventatives and their association with cancer

International studies explain that the use of these contraceptives in most patients has more benefits than risks, even Route66 West Medical Center Blog had shared this information.

An article mentioned an investigation carried out in Denmark with a sample of 1.8 million women between 15 and 49 years who had been followed for almost 11 years – and analyzed the use of hormonal contraceptives had a higher risk of suffering from breast cancer. Oral contraceptives were the most used.

The result of the study showed that there was an average increase of 20% in the incidence of invasive breast cancer among the users, is less than 10% in patients who had used them less than a year and more than 20% in those who had it. They had used for long times. As always with this type of news, headlines and a wave of fear among users were generated.

Is there reason to be scared? Is it better not to take these contraceptives?

No way. What happens is that statistics can confuse people. For example: if last year lightning struck the Sierra, it killed a person who was unprotected and this year an equal incident occurs again and two dies, we could say that in just one year, the deaths increased by 100%. It could be cause for fear but in reality, in a population of 30 million inhabitants, the risk continues to be very low.

The question that really interests a woman is whether she can get breast cancer because of contraceptives. To answer this, we must first clarify that breast cancer is very common in women, whether hormones are used or not. So what you have to compare is how many cases of cancer were registered in the group that did not take the medicines and how many in the group that did, and see how much was the excess of cases among those who took.

Making this comparison, we see that among women under 35 years of age the increase in the incidence of invasive breast cancer was approximately one in 50 thousand patients, that means we would have to fill the national women’s stadium to find one to which the Use of contraceptives I can cause cancer. And among patients of all ages, the increase in incidence was one case in approximately 8 thousand women.

Conclusion. Seeing that the real increase in the incidence of invasive breast cancer is between one every 8 thousand to one every 50 thousand users and knowing that contraceptives help in the prevention of other types of cancers, such as colon, ovarian, endometrial, etc. ., in addition to preventing unwanted pregnancies, abortions and having many other uses besides contraception, such as the control of abnormal bleeding, support in polycystic ovary therapy, acne, etc., we consider that its use in the Huge majority of patients present many more benefits than risks.

Hiding feelings can kill you

Ok, maybe we exaggerated a bit with the title, but in reality hiding our feelings can lead us to suicide, as many know, but also psychologists and doctors from Mexico Health have investigated in some way or another, hide our feelings also affects physical parts of our body and the part of the body most affected by hiding feelings is the digestive system, where the patient comes to consultation referred by the gastroenterologist for gastritis problems, colon inflammation, constipation.

He also affirms that there are individuals who have pathologies linked to the skin such as dermatitis, hair loss, seborrhea, acne, and psoriasis.

Also, the genitals can be affected; Many times, there are problems of sexual dysfunction, where the sexual response is affected.

Other organs that are altered is the heart, and at a neurological level, there are cases of a migraine.

What to do? Many doctors nowadays maintain that the most important and priority is the protection of a psychotherapist that helps the patient to find the reasons for his discomfort and, of course, the solutions to learn to understand the reactions of his body and how to fight them.

What we work is what are those situations blocked or not resolved, because people avoid facing the feelings that produce discomfort or anguish and, there comes a time when they feel that they have overcome it, but it is that it lodged in the body.

Activities to relax the mind and body. Among the hobbies that are most suggested by their high degree of effectiveness apart from the consultations are meditation, hobbies, outdoor exercises, five times a week, and meet with people who add, that is, what Make you relax and have a nice time.

One study also tried to assess social isolation or loneliness in a sample of almost half a million people. The size and representative nature of the study encourage the authors to conclude that their findings indicate that social isolation, similar to other risk factors such as depression, can be considered a risk factor for the poor prognosis of people with cardiovascular disease.

Research products that will fight breast cancer

A natural product that fights breast cancer is what seeks to create a research group of scientists from the Costa Rican Technological Institute in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company.

The product will be composed of the plant Phyllantus acuminatus, popularly known as chilillo, which has properties to treat cancer and many other diseases like Exquisite Medical says.

For three years, scientists have reproduced that plant in laboratories in vitro.

The scientists tested the effect of plant compounds on cancer cells and the first results were positive.

The compounds of the chilillo plant are killing breast cancer cells, an expert in plant biotechnology that leads the investigation.

The research has three stages: validation with cancer cells, test in mice and clinical tests.

After getting approval in trials with cancer cells, the next step of the scientists will be tested with mice, which will be made in the coming weeks at the University of Larkin, in the United States.

Once TEC scientists successfully complete the investigation, Lisa would market the product.

Currently, there is also a project to detect breast cancer through a saliva test, it is in validation and it is expected that it could be launched within the framework of the international day of breast cancer.

In the work team between the scientists of Mexico and the United States is composed of about 20 people, eight of them are from the Mexican side and 12 from the American side.

Currently, scientists from both countries have worked with about 400 patients, the FDA in the United States is requesting a sample of 500 patients to validate the test, so the specialist explained that it is about to achieve the goal.

The tests in patients require three parameters of impact, to be endorsed these are sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility, in all these ranges, according to the specialist of the University of Texas, the numbers are above 80% of effectiveness in the test of saliva.

Therefore, the working groups predict that there will be success, in addition to the fact that mammograms, which are the current screening method, are costly for the population and represent a risk for young women, which can not be applied every two years because it can induce cancer because of the strong radiation it receives in your body.

Finally, the specialist assured that the plan is in which the university company will be created, that gives benefit to the two institutions, although it is known that they will face a commercial group that does not want to lose the expensive mammography market, however they are dialoguing so that there is no economic conflict on that issue, because the research is in favor of the health of the people.

When repressing feelings harms the health

Silence is wise, of that there is no doubt, and it is always very appropriate that before some foolish words, a misplaced comment or an inappropriate expression, we choose to keep quiet and act with more intelligence than those who speak without thinking.
Now, we have to know how to maintain a balance between keeping silence and defending our own needs, expressing what we feel, and stating our point of view.
There are those who remain silent all the time, without expressing their feelings. But did you know that feeling that does not manifest themselves can have an impact on health, and in fact, can be agents that cause diseases?

According to the family and couple therapist of Barcamp Medical, more and more research confirms that the relationship between emotion and the body is very important and that when people do not handle correctly what they feel they begin to somatize in the organism, that is, to suffer from alterations and pains in different parts of the body.

In reality, people often repress their feelings, because from the beginning they are taught that letting them emerge is a sign of weakness and should be done in the privacy of the home.

The behavior specialist indicates that the most guarded feelings are those of anger, impotence, anguish, sadness, anger, envy and guilt; being the masculine gender, the one that mostly goes through this situation, because men socially have not had permission to let their feelings appear, since they are expected to be strong and have the ability to tolerate all the vicissitudes that arise.

People who repress what they feel must first learn to recognize their feelings and emotions, to take on the discomfort without looking for someone to blame and know how to put limits to stressful situations.

In the same way, it is important that they recognize the way in which they can drain what causes them discomfort, which is not always speaking because there are other forms of expression.

Influence marketing in the pharmaceutical industry

When we talk about influence marketing, we consider looking for people with a leading role in social networks, who also have loyal followers. This makes sense because the main reason consumers buy is through the recommendation of people they trust. It is key at this point that the influencers identify with the collaborating brand, with their tastes or their interests (and at the same time with the consumers).

The strategy of hiring influencers has already begun to be used in the healthcare sector because pharmaceutical laboratories want to get closer to the consumer and have a more emotional connection with it, since they focus on people’s quality of life and not on the quality of life and not the product they want to sell just like the articles of qlditrelief.

A nurse and influencer who upload content to their social networks participating in various initiatives in the sector believe that this new way of interacting can be relevant and very positive for the daily care practice of professionals and also for patients. Finding the perfect influencer is a complicated task for the brand because today’s consumer seeks to identify with someone like him.

Not all influence marketing campaigns are the same. A weight loss supplement company, involved in legal battles for the withdrawal of its products in some establishments, recently hired a number of influencers with the hope of restoring its image and refuting the information against its product that was being poured into the market.

The client wanted a very specific group of stars in social networks: they had to be overweight adult women -preferably 40 years and older- who did not like exercise and with a body mass index higher than 25. They took two weeks more than usual in finding 20 influencers that more or less will adjust to the requirements of the client. Each influencer created two long publications -of a blog- counting his weight loss process to show the effectiveness of the product. Then they shared the posts with their social circle on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

This single campaign from start to finish took about two months, while a typical campaign of influencers for a fashion brand lasts between three and four weeks.