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Amazing and Peculiar Places That Anyone Cannot Afford to Miss Every Time They Visit France
France is one of the most popular destinations in the world today all thanks to its amazing food, rich culture and most importantly, its striking locations as well which explain why more and more people fly into the country every year to have a taste of all the excitement. There is so much to do when one visits France and one trip is never enough and neither is the second and the third which is the reason behind the numerous trips that people make to the destination year in year out. Discussed below are some of tops places that every visitor should ensure they go to when they visit France no matter what.

First on the list is the Eiffel Tower which everyone ensures that they visit every time they visit France as it allows one to view the entire city of Paris effortlessly not just from every side but different levels as well. Another exciting thing to do at the tower apart from taking a look at the city is studying its history level after the other all thanks to the tours that are always available to do so. There is no worrying about going out to get lunch the moment one enters the tower as the first floor specializes in serving not just lunch but the picnic style as well while at night, the place is unbelievably cute to look at all thanks to all the lights shining from every corner of the city.

Next on the list of the Notre Dame Cathedral which is free to visit but then one has to pay the set fee to climb the tower and a visit on a late Sunday morning when the mass is ongoing is both fun and fantastic at the same time. Anyone that visits the cathedral at the said time gets to attend the mass in the most convenient manner possible and does not have to worry about sitting and standing severally as it is usually the norm. It is also possible to just roam around without attending the mass while paying attention to the roped off areas and labels as well as small storyboards that enlighten people about the history of the amazing place. It is however vital to note that the place recently had a huge fire incident and is still under repair which means that it is inaccessible until the process is completed. Other places to pay attention to include the River Seine, Musee d’Orsay, Louvre, The Castle of Rocamadour which was named as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Nimes and the city of Lille among many others.