A 10-Point Plan for (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Everything You Need to Know on Book Marketing Online.

There is something I have to confess, I am bad at marketing. The twist is that I can get good results if I put my mind into it. I would like to call myself an expert at the task but the problem is my laziness. I am not disciplined in investing time to write the blogs, post on my social media pages or even set up a PPC. It doesn’t get better on matters to do with monitoring traffic or writing marketing emails. These are things that I would rather someone else do them. Nonetheless, the delegation process will not work for many independent publishers. If this is what you have been struggling with then this article will be very helpful. You will get pointers on what you are doing wrong and even how to go about fixing that. When you are publishing your book you need to be hopeful that things will work out for the best.

In matters to do with publications, you cannot just be operating on hope that people will always pick your book. Only famous people have this privilege. You can go through Amazon to see how high the number of ebooks is at the moment, and you should not forget that more keep coming in all the time. In every genre, you will not lack at least two million books already on the system. This tells you that the competition is not a joke. The odds are in your favor as opposed to launching a Youtube channel but better than being chosen to be the president of the class in high school. Amazon will not promote your work unless you have amassed at least 25 reviews. If this is not happening and you are not marketing your book, chances are you will be at the end of the pile in the genre. This is not right if you want to gain a huge audience which is why you should look into how you can improve the marketing process.

Those who are on Twitter should always push their book links. Joining a writing community is important for Twitter users. The writing community is not some kind of magic too because you will also be competing against everyone in the circle who has published a book which means you have to offer them a reason to go ahead and check out yours. Social media is all about connecting with other people which is why you need to do that all the time. If you follow many established authors you will realize that they mostly talk about the things that happen in their daily lives. They post about their failures and successes, their dogs, and even their opinions on various matters.